My favourite spot in Dublin when it’s sunny

Ask people what the downside of living in Ireland is – most likely they will all say “the weather”!

Irish summers are known to be what is described as ‘mild’. This basically stands for air temperatures of 16-19 degrees, a mix of clouds and sun and lots of showers that can surprise you at any time. After all, Ireland is so green for a reason!

When there’s a mini heatwave though, it feels like the whole country is out enjoying the sunshine and everyone is so happy. Then Ireland turns into a truly magical place with deep blue skies that contrast with stunning shades of green.

My favourite spot has got to be the National Botanic Gardens, about a 30min walk from the city centre. It’s beautifully landscaped with small waterways, a rockery and huge green houses that house palm trees and even a mini jungle with a bamboo hut!

We love having a picnic right at the end of the quiet arboretum section. (I recently read it’s not allowed but no one ever said anything ;))

Check it out for yourself!