Going back to being a 9-5 slave

First thing I need to tell you about me is that I am currently not working. Actually, I quit my job back in April! That’s a looooong time off, the longest I have ever had in my life. And it felt amazing.

My partner and I quit at the same time and on that day booked a flight to Crete. We loved it so much there that we extended our stay. On that island an idea was born. Travelling through Asia. So when we got back in May we booked a flight to Bangkok and within 3 weeks we found ourselves in Thailand. It was my first time in Asia and I experienced the biggest culture shock ever. We travelled through Thailand for 4 weeks and then spent a final week in Vietnam. None of us wanted this holiday to end, but we were running out of money. So, we’re now back in Ireland looking for jobs.

I had an interview this morning and had to get up early which was tough – this was the earliest I had to get up in months! When I got into the bathroom though I had a huge smile on my face because I saw this:

best boyfriend ever :)

best boyfriend ever 🙂

The interview went really well and fingers crossed I’ll get the job!

Afterwards I walked all the way home (30min) as the weather was gorgeous again – 24 degrees and sunshine, how rare in this country! I snapped some pictures of the ‘Liffey’ which is the cute little river going through Dublin’s city centre, and Ha’penny Bridge. Its name comes from the fact that for 100 years anyone crossing it was charged a halfpenny (ha’penny).

Dublin’s river

Dublin’s most famous bridge

I wish I had an easy way like that to make money, then I wouldn’t need to be a corporate slave again!

I’ll keep you guys posted if I got the job 🙂