Aging without social preconceptions and prejudice

Daily Prompt

“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore?

A topic that never grows old.

I’m turning 29 in two months and I am already thinking about all the “about me” pages that I have to change. “I’m a thirty-something German living and working in Ireland”. Ahh, that doesn’t sound right!

But then I’m thinking – why? I’m at the happiest stage of my life, have a loving and caring boyfriend, had a great career so far, had the chance to live and work in three different countries, travelled at least four times a year, paid off €15,000 of debts and started saving, I could go on..

My teenage years were awkward and traumatising, being bullied at school and generally not feeling understood by the world. My twenties were a journey of discoveries, breaking rules, experimenting, growing with each experience. I am ready for my thirties.

If there weren’t society and how they perceive what people should say, look like, do or behave at a certain age. Once you’re ‘old’ you should no longer party or wear revealing clothes. Your retirement activities are reduced to looking after grandchildren, playing bridge or knitting. If you’re a woman in your mid thirties and haven’t had kids you’re a risk for a new employer, because you could have a baby any moment. What, you haven’t had a career so far and went travelling for a few years? There’s something wrong with you! And where’s your mortgage? Oh, you just rent an apartment. Don’t you want to think about the future and start getting on the property ladder?

I am sick and tired of these preconceptions. Thank god there are people out there that prove us all wrong. 70 year olds that run a marathon, people in their forties who quit their ‘career’ and start travelling the world, very young or very old mothers who are thriving despite everyone doubting them.

My mum is my own inspiration. After having raised four kids she decided to fulfill her dream of having her own band. She is now in her early sixties and still rocking that stage!

I think if we all start to appreciate people for what they are and not stereotype them based on age we will all live in a happier place.