iStock – turning your photos into cash

Day 3 of being ill. No more runny nose but very bad sore throat which means eating is a rather painful exercise.

The only thing that managed to cheer me up was an email I got this morning:

(shortened, image credit: iStockphoto)

Dear Melanie,

Welcome to iStockphoto the Internet’s original member-generated image and design community.

Congratulations! The iStockphoto administrators have determined that your files are commercially and technically ready for Please begin uploading at your convenience. There is currently a limit of 999 uploads per 168 hour period.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Best regards,
The iStockphoto team

I am so happy and proud, especially because I had read on the internet how many people get declined these days and they submitted pretty decent shots to be fair. So far I’ve managed to upload 10 photos only, it’s sooo slow and they also need approval before going online.

What’s your experience with websites such as istockphoto, gettyimages and shutterstock? Are you earning money through royalties? If yes, how much?

I will report back in the near future how things are progressing for me 🙂




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