Loveparade – The End of an Era

Last night I read the words “Music is the Key” on another blog and images of the Loveparade appeared in my head. July was always Loveparade month and for over 20 years people from all over the world celebrated electronic music.

Initiated by Dr. Motte (Dr Moth) in 1989, what started as a political demonstration with 150 people dancing around two floats quickly turned into one of the biggest and most popular raves in the world. Famous DJs who played there were Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Carl Cox among many others.

After 2006 the Loveparade moved away from Berlin to other locations such as Essen, Dortmund and Duisburg. The last one took place on 24th July 2010 and was overshadowed by a sad and tragic event: 21 people died from suffocation and at least 510 were injured. So that was the end of an era.

Each parade came with a motto. 1999 was “Music is the Key” which coincidentally is the year my boyfriend attended. It was my turn in 2001 with the motto “Join The Love Republic“. I was only 15, lived in a comparatively small town and was not prepared for the madness that was about to descend on the capital. My hair was dyed purple and I had a purple feather boa – that’s about all I can remember of my outfit. Sadly (or luckily) this was before the age of camera phones so I have no photographic evidence of how ridiculous I must have looked.

The parade was great but I think 15 was too young to fully enjoy it. I just remember seeing people dancing everywhere – on lamp posts, portable toilets, trees, phone booths – and seeing drugs being used openly for the first time. It wasn’t unusual in Berlin but it definitely was where I am from, Dresden, the capital city of Saxony.

It’s still an experience I will always treasure, having celebrated with nearly one million people on Berlin’s streets to our favourite music. You could feel the energy and positive vibes.

So, to reminisce about good old times here are my Top 5 Loveparade Songs:

1. Sunshine
1997 – Let the sunshine in your heart
2. You can’t stop us
2001 – Join The Love Republic
3. One World One Loveparade
2000 – One World One Loveparade
4. Love Is Everywhere (New Location)
2007 – Love is Everywhere
5. One World One Future
1998 – One World One Future


What do you think about the Loveparade? Have you ever attended one?