Guinea pig on the road – no lemons

When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

The scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman comes to my mind when thinking about an unorthodox way to resolve a tricky situation.

Whilst it certainly worked for Indy it is rather extreme and I can assure that in my story no people, or animals as a matter of fact, were harmed.

In 2007 I decided to get a pet. I always loved pets, especially guinea pigs because they are so fluffy and make cute squeaking sounds. My guinea pigs were brothers called Snowie and Peppy. Going on holiday was never a problem because I had lots of friends who could take cake of the little munchkins. That was in Brighton.

Peppy and Snowie

Peppy and Snowie

When I moved to London three years later it was much more difficult. I only had Peppy left (Snowie sadly died in 2008) but no one who could take care of him. My vet in Lewisham had a pet sitting service which wasn’t expensive but every time I came back I had the feeling she had just chucked several handfuls of pellets inside the cage and that’s it. No stroking, playing or at least cleaning.

The only option I saw was taking my guinea pig to my friends in Brighton. And this is what I did, often 2-3 times a month due to business trips. Peppy (in his carrier box) and I first took the train from Hither Green to London Bridge and then another train from London Bridge to Brighton.

The carrier box in which he "commuted" between London and Brighton

The carrier box in which he “commuted” between London and Brighton

People were staring at first but quickly started a conversation. Children loved Peppy, they asked me to open the lid of the box so they could stroke him. Peppy loved being in the limelight because he often got treats like a piece of fruit out of it.

After a while people even started to recognise me. We became that weird commuter pair – the woman and her guinea pig. Peppy clocked up quite a few miles on the road. He was the most travelled guinea pig I know, as he had lived in Brighton, London, Dresden and Frankfurt. I often joke that he travelled more than my Dad.

Sadly my beloved pet died in August 2012 and I miss him every day. I loved our unconventional rail journeys.


R.I.P. Peppy <3

R.I.P. Peppy ❤


In response to this Daily Prompt. Peppy never liked lemons.