Life begins at conception and ends at birth

Well, does it really? I’m sure everyone has a different view on this highly ethical and sensitive matter. I believe that instead of arguing when a foetus is alive or not all women should be given the choice to make a decision about their own bodies.

You might have heard or read it in the news, there has been an outrage over the treatment of a pregnant rape victim who was seeking an abortion under the new Irish ‘Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act’ that allows for abortion in limited circumstances (NB: so limited that there might as well not have been a new law). At 8 weeks pregnant she testified to a panel of three “experts” that she was suicidal, but her request for abortion was denied so she went on a hunger strike. In the end her baby was delivered by caesarean section at only 25 weeks. What happened? The two psychiatrists determined that she had suicidal thoughts, but the obstetrician declared that the foetus was viable and that it should be delivered.

The fact alone that they delivered the baby at 25 weeks is outrageous. According to this website only about 50% of babies born at 24 weeks survive. But having a panel of men decide what’s happening with your body is scary as hell. They even deliberately delayed her case to decline the abortion and deliver the child by caesarian section – a scar that this raped woman will have to bear forever. And, even worse, the child is now in the care of the authorities.

Is this what we wanted to achieve through these useless laws? A baby born so premature it could die and if it survives (potentially with severe and lasting disabilities) it will go into a foster home? When will people start to realise that these draconian and outdated laws only force women to carry out extremely dangerous back-alley abortions or seek a termination abroadThis provider for example even offers a discounted fee for Irish women.

Waterford Whispers News created a brilliantly written piece of satire and it basically sums up what the majority of people feel about this ridiculous law we have here in Ireland.

You can read their article here.

To quote a commentator:

“The catholic church and it’s backwards and outdated regime have no place in modern society”

pro choice

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I have personally spoken to several people that have children but had an abortion earlier in their life. One said she found the experience very upsetting, the others were completely fine with it. The important thing is that none of them have any regrets and said that it was the right choice at that point in their life.

An abortion is not something to be taken lightly or decided on a whim. It should never be the first thing that comes to mind unless there’s rape, potential of suicide or any health issues involved. However I still believe that a woman should have the final say if she wants to bear the child, even if it is only for reasons such as insufficient income, no one to support her, or if she simply does not want children.

Anti-abortion people seem to think that the decision to have an abortion is very easy for a woman. It is definitely not. All of them are weighing up their options and if circumstances would be different they might even decide to have the child. Saying that they are murderers doesn’t help these women in making what is probably the most difficult decision of their life.

I think this quote from The Guardian article sums it up very well:

“I understand that, to those who believe all abortion is unequivocally wrong, a suffering child might be better than no child at all – but that is not a decision best made by government flow-charts and distant bureaucrats, but by the family members involved.”


Please note that this is my opinion. I understand if yours might be different. And that means we have to agree to disagree. I will not engage in any sort of discussion with pro life people because it will lead nowhere. The proof is in each and every comment section on newspaper articles online where people fight and insult each other, trying to convince the other person of their own opinion. Thanks for your understanding. I’m still happy for you to comment though 🙂





Featured Image Credit: Facebook, Pro Choice Campaign Ireland