The best fall foliage locations in Dublin

Fall foliage. Autumn foliage. Autumn leaf colour. It doesn’t matter how you call it, but everyone loves it. I have been looking forward to it since writing this post in August actually!

Living in Ireland means that we do not get the amazing colours like in Eastern Canada and New England, US. It’s also difficult to predict when the leaves will change colour and are at their best. From October it can get quite stormy on the Emerald Isle and the trees will have lost most of their leaves before they could turn into those glorious shades of yellow and red.

Timing is crucial and, of course, the right location which ideally should be sheltered from wind and have different arbour species. I have read many comments on the internet stating that “Ireland is rubbish for fall foliage” and that “people should go to Vermont instead“. This is very harsh and not true at all.

So, my dear readers, this year I have embarked on an autumn foliage adventure in my home city Dublin to show you the best leaf peeping locations! The photos were taken on 12th October (sunny) and 14th October (cloudy).


My favourite place in Dublin does not disappoint in autumn either. Home to over 15,000 plant species and a large arboretum section there’s no better place to wander around between colourful trees.


Dublin’s well known city centre park and at 22 acres (89,000 m2) the largest, too! The lake, bridge and gazebo make stunning backdrops for leaf colour shots.


We live just around the corner from this beautiful former city reservoir. It’s an oasis right in the middle of Dublin’s North City, not many people know about it.


Sometimes you just get lucky like I did on my way to work. I peaked into a courtyard next to a church and saw this bright yellow tree in contrast to its two green ‘neighbours’.

I have also seen some great colours last week along the canal (Royal Canal Way) in Phibsborough, but I was on the bus and not quick enough to pull out my camera. This list is certainly not exhaustive but is a good starting point if you’re a leaf peeper like me!

What are your favourite autumn foliage places in Dublin? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you 🙂