Blog revival – it’s good to be back!

Hello my fellow bloggers,

I’m back! Out of hibernation with a fresh new design and lots of new ideas that will hopefully make it to the virtual paper this time. Don’t worry I wasn’t lost – at least not ‘Cast Away’ style talking to a volleyball:


I was more lost for words. Somehow they were in my head, but when I sat down everything went blank. So I took a longer break, recharged and now I feel my creativity coming back.

The blog re-design sort of represents me as a person, because I have pretty much overhauled my life in the past six months! Living more minimalistic and without alcohol for three months now, I feel healthier than ever and free from consumerism. However that’s not me saying I won’t ever touch alcohol again. Next month I plan to end this “dry” period by celebrating a special occasion with a glass of vino!

I have big plans for this year and will be working hard to achieve them. When the time is right I will reveal them on here, so you guys will read it first 🙂


I’ve missed you all and will be catching up on your blogs over the next few weeks!

Mel x