Random facts about me #1

Hello my lovelies,

I haven’t written a personal post for a while, so I thought it would be fun to reveal some more random facts about me every once in a while. This is part one and I hope I’m not going to scare you off with some of them 😉

random facts image


1. The first record I’ve owned was from David Hasselhoff – Looking for Freedom. Yeah, I know. Stereotypical German!

2. I suffer from premature greying (or whitening in my case). When I was 27 I noticed my first completely white hair and now with 29 I’m getting 2-3 of those a month. First I put it down to stress but then realised I’m just getting old. And got over it.

3. In November 2013 I quit smoking and it has been the best decision of my life. The freedom I gained is worth the occasional craving (which only appears in certain situations and is usually over within two minutes).

4. My boyfriend really wants to go and live on Mars! He wanted both of us to apply for this crazy Mars mission. I love Earth too much though and even the thought of leaving seems unbearable. I have no interest in going down in history and just want to lead a happy and fulfilled life on this planet.

5. I sometimes get scared in a car after having been in a near-frontal-crash two years ago. All four of us were drunk after an awesome bbq on the beach and still got in the car. We were so stupid but luckily got away with our lives. I just hate cars, they are so dangerous and take so many lives every year.

6. I need to live more in the moment. Most of my time is spent planning the future or reminiscing about the past. You’ll hear me say “If I’d live there/did this/have that I would be so happy!” very often. Too often.

7. I’m an extremely untidy person with cupboards full of stuff just thrown in and clothes piled up in several corners. But the genius controls the chaos, right? 😉

8. My hair is crazy long, like down-to-my-waist-long. Think Hailee Steinfeld. I’d love to chop it off because I can’t even wear a bun or ponytail without pain as it’s too heavy. My choice is limited because my hair is so bloody thick – too short and it looks ridiculous. Any suggestions??

9. Back in 2006 I did an internship in Brighton and fell in love with the city and the UK. When it was time to leave after three months I was sad and wanted something to remind me of the good times there. So I walked into a piercing studio in North Laine and had my belly button pierced.

10. In 2010 I celebrated the carnival with friends in Castelldefells, just outside Barcelona. I was wearing a snow white costume with a red garter belt which in hindsight was a bad idea. All night I was hit on by men, one even went down on one knee and proposed to me by saying “Let me be your dwarf!“.


I hope you enjoyed, laughed or at least cringed at this list! :) Part two will follow soon. 
I'm always happy about comments, especially if you have any ideas on #8!

Mel x