30 Random Facts About Me


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  1. I have had some of the worst arguments with friends and family members over a game of Monopoly.
  2. I have never won a Monopoly game in 29 years.
  3. I hate being competitive – why can’t we all work together towards a common goal?
  4. I am German but most people assume I am British because of my accent.
  5. I love video and computer games, especially old school ones like Secret of Mana for SNES or Heroes of Might and Magic.
  6. I am really fussy when it comes to bedlinen. I only sleep in 300+ thread count egyptian cotton.
  7. I come from a large family and have three siblings, but don’t want any children myself.
  8. My favourite wine is Bordeaux (red) and Vinho Verde (white). And Australian Shiraz!
  9. My favourite holiday destination is Malta.
  10. I prefer starters over mains in most restaurants. Often I order two starters and one dessert.
  11. I am very geeky and love building Excel dashboards. All our bills are meticulously recorded in a spreadsheet and analysed in pivot tables and graphs!
  12. I dream in English.
  13. My favourite sport used to be indoor climbing until I had to stop due to RSI.
  14. My favourite artists are Paul Kalkbrenner and Lana Del Rey.
  15. When I was younger I used to sing in the Philharmonic Kids Choir of Dresden. I was second soprano.
  16. My favourite TV shows are Charmed and Buffy. New favourite: Grimm!!
  17. As a kid I was the biggest fan of Sailor Moon and owned all the mangas.
  18. Back in 2012 I took private Japanese lessons with my best friend and was able to read and write the full Hiragana alphabet.
  19. I was disappointed when the mysterious character in ‘How I met your mother’ was finally revealed. I don’t think Cristin Milioti is a good fit. Re-watched the last season and changed my mind. Christin Milioti is awesome, especially with the ukulele!
  20. I spent 6 years in the UK and left Germany for good when I was 19.
  21. When I was younger I used to be a goth and went to the WGT (Wave-Gothic-Meeting) several times.
  22. My favourite cuisine is Italian and Thai.
  23. I can’t stand shellfish.
  24. I own over 70 pairs of shoes and turned one of our storage rooms in a walk-in wardrobe/shoe gallery.
  25. The first and and last time I tried to drive in Ireland (on the wrong side of the road!) I got caught speeding and had to pay an €80 fine.
  26. I am a light sleeper and have trouble sleeping in the same room with another person, no matter who it is.
  27. I don’t like jewellery, especially rings. They feel awkward. I sometimes wear a necklace, a claddagh ring, which has a special meaning.
  28. When I was younger I was the biggest DJ Bobo fan, a rather strange Swiss singer/rapper.
  29. My first and last graffiti was ‘DJ BOBO’ on a wall in silver spray paint and I was 9.
  30. I have a spider phobia.


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