It was my birthday on Tuesday and I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world – because I got to spend the day with the best boyfriend one can wish for… Continue reading

The Ultimate Wine Tasting in Tuscany – On a budget!

FLORENCE This time last year I was busy making last minute arrangements for our one week trip to Florence. The bf and I are both wine lovers and we probably consume too much… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure in Crete

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something… Continue reading

Follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter!

My Twitter account had been lying around dormant for about four years and was recently resurrected and given a new identity for my blog. So please give it a bit of TLC and… Continue reading

LinkedIn – LeakIn ?!

With the latest scandal of nude celebrity photos being leaked the importance of privacy cannot be denied. That’s why I was very shocked about my experience with LinkedIn when I recently applied for a… Continue reading

How Thailand changed my view of sunsets

In the midst of my dozens of job interviews and all the stress that comes with job hunting I completely missed this wonderful Daily Prompt: New Dawn How often do you get to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue between rainbows

For this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other? On our trip to Lisbon in October 2012 the weather was completely unpredictable and,… Continue reading

Birthday, BFF and an anniversary

Apologies for having neglected the blogging world for a while! My life is just one big rollercoaster at the moment and sometimes the downs that inevitably follow the ups are just too much.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray in Dublin

Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you. Being a non-native English speaker I have to admit that I found this week’s photo challenge quite, well,… Continue reading

Life begins at conception and ends at birth

Well, does it really? I’m sure everyone has a different view on this highly ethical and sensitive matter. I believe that instead of arguing when a foetus is alive or not all women should be… Continue reading

Mdina – Malta’s “Silent City”

As the summer is coming to an end here in Ireland it’s still in full swing in Malta, a tiny island just 80 km south of Sicily. It enjoys 3,000 hours of sunshine… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nature’s silhouettes

This week, experiment with light and capture a silhouette. This was taken in February on a holiday in Malta. We walked along the seafront towards Spinola Bay and admired the sunset. One of… Continue reading