It was my birthday on Tuesday and I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world – because I got to spend the day with the best boyfriend one can wish for 🙂

It all kicked off at midnight with presents, because I cannot stand the suspense of going to bed and thinking “What am I gonna get??”. When I was a child I was tormented this way so I vowed that when I’m older my birthdays will be celebrated my style!

To be honest, I didn’t even expect the bf to get me any presents. We’re both not working at the moment so money is extremely tight, which is why it came as a big surprise when my bf handed me a bottle of very nice Australian Shiraz (being devoured as I write this), new pink headphones, a digital voice recorder and a very cute pink birthday card!

Presents :D :D

Presents 😀 😀

I mentioned it only once to him that I always have blog ideas in my head but by the time I want to put them to paper they’re gone – “I wish I could just record them somehow”. Well, he truly listened and I got the perfect birthday present 🙂

<cheese on>
When I read the card I nearly cried because it’s so sweet and he’s also the best thing that has ever happened to me.
</cheese off>


My fabulous pink shoe-themed birthday card – he really does know me!

Afterwards we watched a film and then went to bed around 2am. We had a nice lie in until about 11am and then the bf made me a delicious Irish breakfast and basically fulfilled every wish I had for the whole day. I felt so spoilt!

Later in the evening we went out for a romantic dinner at one of our favourite places in Dublin: Brasserie Sixty6. The food was delicious and so were the cocktails and the wine. I booked it via Menupages which got us a free Kir Royal when we arrived. They also had half price cocktails on Tuesday and I can absolutely recommend them. At booking stage I advised that we were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary. We got a huge surprise when they brought out the dessert: It had “Happy Anniversary” written on the plate with chocolate sauce and they made little hearts out of raspberries – what a nice touch!

Here are some photos of the night:


It was a lovely, warm night and we walked home drunk and happy 🙂 I was in bed before midnight because I had yet another job interview the next day which went well, even though I had a massive hangover.


This is my last year of my precious and (so far) amazing twenties and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me in those next 12 months.

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Betty Friedan