Connected – Anytime, Anywhere


There are many ways to interpret this theme: from a gadget to a handshake, from a bridge to a gathering among friends. What’s yours?

When Facebook came along and I signed up back in 2007 (man, am I old!) it was the hippest thing in the world of social media. Two years ago I then almost became addicted to LinkedIn, joining dozens of groups and expanding my network by sending daily connect requests. Both platforms made me feel connected, when in fact, they actually disconnected me from what’s really important: my real life.

I know, you’re thinking “Please no, not another one of those ‘I have given up Facebook and this is why’ posts”. There are too many of those out there and they don’t add any value. No, instead I want to show you what the word connected means to me these days.

To me it’s a negative word. Overused, for starters, and definitely something we, as a society, have to watch carefully otherwise it will consume us.

Nowadays everyone is somehow expected to be connected and therefore reachable. By landline, mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. Most days I feel I can’t escape. How very neat of Facebook to show if and when a message has been read. If you’re a stalker that is. And now Whatsapp is introducing a new ‘feature‘ that lets people know if their messages have been read by the recipient.

Where are the good old times when someone just tried to ring you on your landline, sent an SMS or an email and waited patiently for an answer? Sometimes I want to read the message and think about it before I answer. I am starting to dislike this culture of being available 24/7 more and more. Sometimes I wish the old ways back. Does that make me old? Perhaps. But once we let go of all these devices and platforms that promise to connect us, we realise that we enjoy so much more freedom and actually connect more – with the real world.

Now, the only exception is my blog. This is where I choose what I post, read and comment on.

A necessary evil. We're slaves to technology.

A necessary evil to reap a few benefits

How do you feel about this trend? Are you a slave to social media and technology?